We at Radach & Family Organics Co., Ltd. create sustainable food & beverage projects in Thailand.  Contact us on Line: @radach

Sai Yok Springs

Our first project: Sai Yok Springs by Radach Family & Co. Organics is Thailand’s first closed-loop, locally-sourced premium mineral water brand. Our search for the purest and most delicious water source in Thailand led us to the western province of Kanchanaburi.  Deep in the Sai Yok Valley, between two national parks, lies an untouched oasis of natural spring water that is fresh, crisp and palatable to the tongue. The natural filtration through hundreds of meters of limestone in Erawan National Park produces a water that is not only pristine, but naturally high in calcium and low in nitrate 


Premium sodas and tonics with the best natural and local ingredients using only reusable glass bottles

Stealth #3

Our third project is still in stealth mode